Video Poetry

Humanitarian’s United: “Grass Woven Into Words” for The Weekly Pause

Warscapes: The Corona Notebooks

Art and Soul of Compassion: “The Hail Mary Project” at Notre Dame University

Journal Articles

Dreams of Home Place and Belonging: A Fractured Essay for a Brief Sense of Home Cutting Edge: A Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of British Columbia

Chronology of Compassion or Towards an Imperfect Future International Journal of Transitional Justice


Bugolobi, 1986 Authorme.com

The Oppressive Silencing Warscapes

Remembrance Day Reflections Zocalo Poets

I’d Tell Anyone Uganda Speaks Out

“War and the Written Word.” Writers Writing on Conflicts and War in Africa.  eds. Okey Ndibe and Chenjarai Hove.  New York: Adonis and Abbey, 2009.

“Commercializing Children’s Suffering is Macabre.” Black Star News

“Silly Bird, Hollywood Tells Our Story.” Friends for Peace in Africa

“How has Iris Chang’s book, The Rape of Nanking:  The Forgotten Holocaust of WWII Affected My Life and Thinking?” Iris Chang and the Forgotten Holocaust:  Best Essays from Iris Chang Memorial Contest 2006.  New York: Cozy House, (2007)

“Memory as Home,” We Have a Voice:  An Anthology of African and Caribbean Student Writing in BC. Vancouver: Rhino Print Solutions, (2006) 16

“War No More.” First prize, http://www.stopwar.ca Essay Competition, March 2006

“A Ugandan Steps out of Powerlessness.” The Tyee


“Dans Sept Jours” and “À Langston Hughes”Zocalo Poets

“I Wish it were Night,” “Insomnia,” “What Night.” Maple Tree Literary Supplementhttp://www.mtls.ca/issue8/writings-poetry-bitek.php Issue 8. Jan 2011.

“Untitled.” African Sexualities.  Pambazuka Press, 2010

“A Christmas Poem.”  Black Star News Online

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Words in Black Cinnamon:  A Collection of Poetry.  Vancouver: Delina Publishing, 1998.

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Short Fiction

“Hallelujah Michael.” West Coast Line.  Vancouver: West Coast Review, 2011

“Going Home.” Gifts of Harvest.  Kampala:  Femrite Publishers Limited, 2006

This short fiction piece was an award winner, among the honourable mention pieces in the Commonwealth Broadcasting Short Story Competition 2004.  It was also featured on BBC Radio and CBC Radio.  November, 2004

“The Busuuti and the Bra.” Room of One’s Own, 20.3 (Fall 1997)

Creative Nonfiction

My Son is a Story  African Writing Magazine 

The Things We CarriedMaple Tree Literary Supplement. Issue 8. January 2011.

“My Husband Has Got Beautiful Hands.” Fugue Magazine. Vancouver: University of British Columbia, (2006) 47

Book Reviews

A Shadow on the Household:  One Enslaved Family’s Incredible Struggle for Freedom by Bryan Prince Canadian Literature: A Quarterly of Criticism and Review (Autumn 2011) Mordechai Richler

Drums of My Flesh by Cyril Dabydeen Canadian Literature: A  Quarterly of Criticism and Review 198 (Autumn 2008) Canada and its Discontents 106- 107

Governor of the Northern Province by Randy Boyagoda  Canadian Literature: A Quarterly of Criticism and Review 198 (Autumn 2008) Canada and its Discontents 106- 107

The Politics of Black Women’s Hair.  By Althea Prince  Feb 18, 2010. The Georgia Straight.