The Mundane, Sublime and Fantastical: 165 New Poems (36-38)


2014-08-04 15.47.32

On the other side of Saturday, she is shiny with desire

Today, not so much


Desire for what?

A clean house?

Well-behaved children?

A successful practice?

An unwavering hand at her back?


Saturdays leave much to be desired

Breakfast in bed for a tired woman

One day in the year

Two, three

A bouquet of flowers


A lop-sided smile

A small pinch


Ah, bwana, lakini wewe?

Let us not arouse the dead



2014-08-04 16.58.39


1. Your loveliness — for this there is no struggle

2. Your location on the east gate. No one is coming to acknowledge your presence

3. The relationship between the breeze and a full skirt

4. There is nothing else but you



2014-08-02 20.54.12

Grace Lee Boggs on the period of transition:

“I’m very conscious of the sense of time.  How long will I live?  I’m very conscious of what time it is on the clock of the world.  As I have grown older, I think more in terms of centuries, whereas eight or nine years ago, I was only thinking about decades.”


It’s almost morning in the clock of the world

A chandelier in the living room swings gently on it’s own, remember?


A pale sky

A tired night

An almost morning in the clock of the world

The earth itches in yet another spot

The first sign the the cold season is over — earthworms wriggle out

The first sign that the cold season will never be over — Grace Lee Boggs is gone






Tuesdays like Fridays Joe said

Tuesdays like elephants, like laughter, like skin. Tuesdays like elements of nature, like commitment, like fire. Tuesdays like forewords, like bridesmaids, like flowers, like coffee at eleven, like lotion that wears out with the afternoon sun. Tuesdays like opportunity. Tuesdays like relationships. Tuesdays like references, like printers, like home.The Hail Mary Project