“….  We carried everything.  We carried our own luggage on our heads.  We carried our babies on our backs snugly tied with a cloth.  We carried the babies of the women who could not carry their own children on our hips.  If we didn’t have a baby to carry, we carried other things on our backs.  We carried two basins each, on top of whatever else we carried.  We carried AK47s slung over our shoulders with leather belts.  We could never put the guns down.  We carried food – millet, corn, pigeon peas, smoked meat, sesame seeds, beans, goats, sorghum, dura, dried meat, lentils, canned fish.  We carried sugar and salt.  We carried water.  We carried luggage for our husbands and commanders.  We carried our thoughts….”

Excerpt from The Things We Carried.